The National Labour Commission is established under Part XVIII of the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651).  Act 651 is the main enabling Act regulating the employment relationship in Ghana since its passage in 2003.

The Commission also uses ADR Act 798 and the NLC’s Regulations, 2006, L.I. 1822 and the Minister of Labour’s Regulations, L.I. 1833 of 2007.

With the exception of the Workmen’s Compensation Law 1987, PNDCL 187, and the Factories, Offices and Shops Act, 1970 (Act 328), seventeen (17) laws on labour were repealed with amendments to Sections 93, 95(1), and 124 of the Children’s Act, 1998 (Act 560).

The Act applies to all workers except the Armed Forces, the Police Service, the Prison Service and the Security and Intelligence Agencies specified under the Security and Intelligence Agencies Act 1996 (Act 526).


The Commission is established as an independent arbiter in labour/industrial disputes settlement.  The Commission performs its functions using the following processes:

  • Facilitation,
  • Mediation
  • Summary settlement
  • Voluntary arbitration and
  • Compulsory arbitration in disputes of essential service providers, strikes and lockouts.

In line with its mandate of promoting effective labour-management co-operation between labour and management, the Commission organizes training, education and sensitization on the Labour Laws for the social partners in labour and the labour market players.

The Commission in the performance of its mandate as a regulator in employment relations emphasizes the importance of building strong internal systems that facilitate dialogue through effective communication and mutual respect for the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers.  The Commission upholds good workplace practices, transparency and accountability at all levels of the organization.

To ensure confidence and trust between the social partners at the workplace, the Commission encourages conscientious work by workers and good faith negotiations to guarantee fair treatment of labour and protection of investment for business growth and job sustainability.